The Lovely Gallery



Exhibited Artists


Anna Lovely

Patrick Lovely

Bonnie Lovely

Nick Garrett

Lesley Fox

Francis Murphy

Lucy Owen

Stella Cardrew

Bob Stone

Claire Kastruc

Christopher Clack

Peter Clossick

Julie Held

Paul Newland

Anthony Farrell

Carol Cooper

Martin Le Morvan

Trevor Burgess

Marion Archer

Adrian Roper

Slawomir Blatton

Genevieve Draper

Tony Sullivan

Jon Whitbread

Ben Newman

Phillip Surey

Ben Stockwell

Emma Somerset Davis

Paul Wilks

































We always appreciate new talent and interesting people. Contact us.


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The Lovely Gallery

Sophie Knight

Gordon Rider

Paul Tonkin

Peter Forder

Joyce Treasure

Max James

Louise Clack

Helen Simpson

Johnty Atkinson

Diana Blatton

Edward Beale

Claire Beale

Lawrence Noga

Anthony Daley

Lawence Quigley

Gail Chalk

Patricia Adderly

Alex Pemberton

Victoria Rance