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Ben Stockwell

By annalovely1, Sep 9 2014 12:36PM

Ben Stockwell
Ben Stockwell

Ben Stockwell New Paintings - Link to Facebook RSVP

Show opens Saturday 13-28th September 2014

Thursday to Sunday noon to 6pm

Private View 6-9pm 12th September

Artists Statement

I've been painting in oils for around 10 years, exhibiting at various fairs and galleries in England and the south of France. I have been represented by the Pond Gallery at the Affordable Art Fair (spring collection) for four years, featuring in the catalogue last year. I also featured in this year's Art Galerie Collection Des Arts book, (represented by the millet foundation) alongside a few other European artists and many from Japan as this year's collaborative country.

My subjects have varied from abstract through portraits and landscapes to cityscapes and seascapes, with the majority of work in oils, a few mixed media works and the exploration of different techniques like "wood-burn painting" (using a blowtorch and metallic stencils) and some 3D pieces.

With a science background, I have always cherished the learning process inherent in my personal artistic exploration. The constant attempt to discover new ground in the expression of my work, and the blending of new and traditional techniques to make things of beauty and to affect the viewer's mood are why I love being an artist!

My fascination with water and painting the colours of light underwater has lead me to do more of these than any other style and I have always strived to convey the various emotive qualities and the beauty of water and light, their movement and colours, and explore their ability to evoke different sentiments in viewers, often changing in mood with different light qualities.

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